We are a digital development consultancy

With offices located near London and Bristol in the United Kingdom we work with a diverse range of clients from private individuals, startups and agencies through to large multi-nationals.

With a specific focus on high quality agile development, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, honesty, quality, flexibility and delivery.

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We create mobile applications, web solutions and provide technical consultancy

We design, develop, test and deliver complete software solutions on a variety of platforms. We also work on a modular level, helping clients extend development programs with additional resources and offering management level advice, planning and direction

Mobile Applications

We produce cross platform (Apple iOS, Google Android, Amazon Kindle) responsive applications that can be run on smartphones, tablets or both. We are able to create both hybrid (Cordova) or native (iOS) applications and utilise mobile technologies such as GPS, camera, voice recognition and in-app purchasing to deliver rich user experiences.

We have been involved with both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store since they launched, and have produced a wide range of creative mobile applications including productivity tools, games, inventory management, e-learning, audio & music, and interactive books.

Web Solutions

We produce scalable secure internationalised websites optimised for viewing on mobile and desktop alike. We utilise the latest modern technology standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and Typescript (JavaScript), combined with key web frameworks such as jQuery, Bootstrap and Backbone to deliver fast, responsive, search and social media optimised websites.

Leveraging scalable cloud hosting such as Amazon Web Services along with powerful Content Management System technologies such as Sitecore, Umbraco and bespoke options built using Node.js, we create customised secure solutions enabling clients to keep their content fresh and engaging.

We have produced a wide range of creative solutions covering e-commerce, e-learning, online gaming, intranet, help desk, messaging and product catalogues.

Services & Integrations

We excel at making different third party products and systems interact with each other. Sitting between two systems, our bespoke software services and interfaces provide data sharing and events-based actions that allow communications and shared functionality.

We have developed many Application Programming Interfaces allowing a multitude of systems to communicate with each other. These range from large scale real-time systems such as security, lift, energy and building control systems right down to home automation systems.

Technical Consultancy

We provide analysis of systems and processes, agile project management, best-practice advice, security audits and project turnarounds. By gaining a deep understanding of a client's business goals and constraints we can propose the best practical technological solution.

We have many years of experience of being at the cutting edge of software systems analysis and design and this makes us well placed to provide business advice and consultancy on how an objective can be achieved in consideration of current technologies, security, systems, networks, and operations.

We enjoy working with startups and existing businesses alike. We have helped a number of startups from conception through multiple rounds of funding, and we regularly assist established companies (including large multi-nationals) in updating their systems, reducing costs and streamlining processes.

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